Richard Layne works with clients to create highly engaging brand design programs that communicate the distinctive story of their brand. LAYNE helps clients significantly increase brand awareness, engage and retain more customers, and grow durable affinity.

Vision, purpose, mission, innovation... leadership.

To gain the big picture and interpret the indispensable attributes of brand essence, LAYNE works with agencies and in-house departments to stay close to the heart of the business. Striving to keep working relationships simple, schedules in check and budgets streamlined, LAYNE distills brand stories and messages into adaptive, responsive solutions, engineered for integration throughout the customer experience. Every touchpoint becomes a valuable component of positive perception.

Simplify complexity, maintain integrity.

Bringing keen insight to research and creative briefs, LAYNE provides actionable solutions for resolving complex brand environments. By keeping simplification and visual synergy paramount LAYNE helps clients streamline communications and their related costs, become more robust in brand presence, speak with distinction and clarity to stakeholders and prospects, and open exciting new vistas that inspire higher innovation and better performance.

Integrate, empower... and anticipate change.

Each brand expression serves only as part of the greater brand persona. To bring visual cohesion and maximum interactivity to the entire family of branded assets LAYNE crafts subliminal graphic harmony and connectivity into specific elements of each identity and marketing program. This strategic engineering enables long-term service and versatility as trends changes, as the marketplace evolves, or diversification requires a brand architecture update. Growth opportunities call on and favor a smart brand built on a smart foundation.